Monday, April 8, 2013

                             Sneak Peek!
                                I'm pretty excited to share my newest project,
                                       Love, Zoey 
                                           paper* doll

This set has now been listed in my shop. See the whole thing here:

*a doll w/ clothes that are NOT made out of paper :)
I designed 4 outfits for each season of the a total of 16 little sets. There are accessories for each set- hats and purses and anything else that relates to
that season.

A felt paper* doll is machine stitched and mounted to the inside lid of a hinged craft box. The box holds all the cut out clothing pieces and extras, as well as a box of crayons. The front of the box also has a felt design.
Coordinating gros grain ribbon is wrapped around the sides and sheer yellow ribbon is threaded through the little lid clasp and tied into a bow.

I LOVE how this small box holds all the clothing AND the crayons for coloring. It's small and portable and keeps everything together.

I wanted to use something more durable than
paper and came up with the idea to "engineer"
a Pellon product. It's sheer enough for tracing the
clothing and holds up well for child's play...
(SOOOO much better than paper!)
The neat thing is that the clothes are easy to color.

Yes!...crayons work GREAT on this product! 

I just hit on the idea to have the little girls use GLITTER crayons and the sparkle makes
these little girly clothes so fun!

 I plan to list a few kits in my Etsy store while I work on getting patterns ready to go. The kits will include a decorated hinged box- with the doll already sewn and applied to the inside of the lid. All the clothing is traced and is separated into bags for each season. A box of glitter crayons will also be included with each kit.

 This would make a really fun gift for any little girl. The clothing could be cut out for her OR she could do it herself. Of course she will LOVE being able to COLOR everything herself. The clothing can be labeled on the back in order to keep outfits together, but I can totally see little girls having the fun of mixing
and matching outfits.

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