Saturday, April 13, 2013


                 3 adorable, classic games 
                     in quiet book format!

                 Puppy Love Tic Tac Toe
This game turned out so fun! I love all the dogs-created with fabric and felt. And the little bone and dog tag markers are too cute. Gotta love the pom pom fringe too. The page itself is felt, but there is stabilizer in the center which makes this game easy to play on your lap.

 The back of the game features a dog house pocket for storing the markers.   
You can get the pattern  here.
  Checker Love
 My idea for this game was to use little gathered fabric yo yos for the checkers and to fuse little hearts and flowers to the backs for "king me!"   The checkers turned out so cute, but I also love the felt checkerboard! and the title! and the jumbo rick rack trim! I wanted this game to be girly, (see it here) but also designed one for the little guys too....(here.)
Bug Checkers
Both checker games have a stabilizer center so they can easily be played on your lap.
Oh, and there are felt pockets on the backs to hold the yo yo checkers.

And here is one more "original" game which I call:
                                                      Color Bugs

This is a fun game where kids create "color families" using the felt puzzle pieces. Of course, they can mix them up and create rainbow bugs too! The pocket on the back holds the puzzle pieces (and also a little rainbow bug in the tiny pocket.) See the pattern here:
All of these games now have holes punched in the sides so that they can be connected with rings. I like the idea of grabbing a few games on the way out the door and throwing them in my fun flannel binder covers. These are a novel take on the traditional quiet book and are great for older kids too. The long tab allows the binder to hold multiple games.


                                                                    and here:
  Yikes! I forgot to mention that there are kits available too.

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