Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keira's Fairy Quiet Book

 I have to admit that I have a thing for fairies.
 It started with my Fairy Forest Play Mat...
(available in my Etsy shop...pattern AND kit!)
with cute little finger puppets and lots of fairy folk...
pixies and gnomes, tiny flower fairies, 
larger fairies in cottages and even a cute little troll!

But the ideas kept POPPING! So with some inspiration from Pinterest this is the quiet book I made for Keira for Christmas. And I have to say that it was SO MUCH FUN that I made another one for Kaitlyn. 
Here is Keira's fairy book:

This is the cover. "Karina" is a little removable fairy that can visit all the other pages in the book. She has little dresses to wear- all found in Kaitlyn's book. 
The inspiration for this book came from

Here you can see Karina visiting her favorite forest bakery. This is a counting page so the cupcakes with  their  little sequin sprinkles are removable 
and can be placed in the numbered cupcake pockets. 

                  Karina has velcro  on her back and attaches to the wings on the following pages.

I love this little pinecone house page. It took a whole day to design and make 
but it turned out soooo cute.
The little front door opens to show a removable turtle 
and the sun is on elastic...
rise and shine!

Oh! I forgot to mention that there is a  tiny gold charm hidden on every page 
because fairies love to collect and hide little shiny treasures. 

A little gnome family lives in the pinecone house. 
The babies are asleep in their little leaf pocket beds 
and Mom and Dad snuggle into little mushroom pockets. 
I love their pompom noses, 
the jingle bells on the baby hats, Mom's braids and Dad's fringe-y beard!

 Cute baby gnomes....a boy and girl of course.
Mom and Dad gnome

This is Karina's forest hat tree. 
Each hat is removable so she can actually wear them. 
She likes to switch them out depending on her dress choice for the day. 

There's all sorts of fun going on here.
 A little snail and spider can be pulled from the log.
(They are on ribbons.)
 Hiding behind the log pocket are 3 cute little forest friends.
 They are so adorable...I found the idea here.

I really wanted to add some magnets to this book, 

and this was the perfect page to try out my idea.

I used little power magnets that are sewn into the removable flower centers. 
Then some cute little bugs that also have sewn-in magnets 
can fly from flower to flower. 
There is some color matching on this page...
see how the colored flower centers match the colored rick rack stems?

I loved the little mice hiding in the strawberry pockets on my   
and decided to make more for this book. 
I'm crazy about the background fabric on this page-
 it's the perfect magical night time feel I was going for. 
The mice are hiding behind the bushes until bedtime, ...
 then they climb into their little leaf beds.
The leave pockets button to the lower branches of the tree. 
(I used glittered felt for the leaves and in a few other places in the book.) 

Night Night

This is Karina's little bed with the little leaf flap blanket. 
The moon is a little pocket for stars on ribbon,
and a cute owl hides in the tree trunk.
 Lift the tree branches flap to reveal a little bird in a nest.

Sleep tight!


  1. Wow, this is amazing!!! You are so talented, all the ideas on this little book are fabulous! I am only 11, but after watching the sewing bee on the bbc, I really want to be a good sewer so that I can do lots of projects (:
    This book is absolutely great, your daughter is so lucky!

  2. How amazing! So many ideas! Great work!

  3. How sweet of you to share your daughter's precious book! This is truly the best book I've seen for a little girl. Thank you so very much.

  4. Your work is beautiful but your Etsy store is closed... Is there a way for me to get this pattern? I know my granddaughters would love it!