Monday, June 25, 2012

The Prodigal Son

This is one of my favorite stories so it was an important one to create. I really like the way it turned out.

The sad son is rather pathetic looking, don't you think? His frown makes me giggle, but maybe it's because the pigs started it! Love those button noses. My favorite piece is the father/son. It's just tender to see the arm wrap around the boy. The kids love the paper doll...I think it's a novel idea for showing the son being dressed in the finest clothing. And ya gotta love the dinner menu! What is fun is that all of the food is stored inside the plate- because it is a 2-sided pocket. There's a few more pieces to this set: the son's home and the far-away country, a money bag and a heart. It was a labor of love to make 4 additional sets for my kids, but they really love them AND use them with their littles.

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  1. Aunt Linda these are amazing! I love all the detail...the pigs' button noses, the changing clothes, the different characters' expressions, the feast...Wow!
    When your Etsy shop is ready to roll let Em and me know and we'll do a shout out for you on our blog (we get a pretty big readership now).