Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jesus Feeds 5,000

The little kids love to play with this set because there are lots of things to place on the flannel board. There's a 5,000 banner-which was a lot easier than trying to design and make  a crowd of people! There's a cute little village on a hill (to suggest the distance that the people might have had to travel to get food), and a moon to suggest evening and "dinner time." I like the basket of bread and fishes which the boy is holding. It's a separate piece with little hands on the front. Jesus can take it and bless the food and then give the basket to the Apostles to pass around. There are also 12 simple baskets of leftover food. This provides a great opportunity to have the kids count the baskets as they place them on the board. Having children participate like this helps them to remember details. Hope you like it!

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