Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jesus as a Child

The Bible doesn't tell us a lot about the boyhood of Jesus. But what we do know is included in this large flannel board set. There's Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the temple. Simeon and Anna are there to witness the baby's divinity.  King Herod's decree causes the Holy Family to flee to Egypt, thanks to the warning from an angel in a dream. Back in Israel Jesus learns carpentry and the scriptures. At age twelve he goes to Jerusalem with his parents who later find him in the temple with astonished teachers. I really like lots of things about this Mary and Simeon can both hold baby Jesus; the cute turtledoves in Joseph's arms; the angel in a dream (cloud); the boy Jesus; and the reversible donkey- who travels back and forth. Also included are Anna, King Herod, a carpenter's hammer and a scroll, and 3 astonished teachers. This is a favorite set ...thanks for looking!

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