Tuesday, June 26, 2012

David and Goliath

I especially love the textures of this set. It would have been just as cute using only felt; but I had scraps of fleece, fake fur and faux leather and this was the perfect use for them. The figures for this story were fun to draw- especially trying to show the contrast in size between David and Goliath. (Goliath is a whopping 11 inches and David measures 6".) Kids love this story, but they don't always hear the part about David protecting his sheep by killing a lion and a bear. It's important for them to know that he had tested his faith before ever meeting the giant. This set also includes a cute little lamb and banners for the number forty.


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  2. I love that bear's face! And Goliath's armor is perfect! This would have been perfect with my Sunbeam lesson last week!