Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tiny Miracles finally has a pattern at Etsy!

I made this quiet book a year ago for Kaitlyn and Keira for Easter.
I wanted them to have a book about the miracles of Spring,
with the purpose of helping them realize that the 
greatest Miracle of all is the empty tomb...
and that Jesus had risen.

I'm glad I took photos of the process so I could share the pattern.
It is now available on Etsy here:

Here are more views with a little explanation:
Tiny Buds Blossom
Store the blossoms in the page pocket and have the
tree blossom again in the Spring.

Birds come back
2 little birds are stored in the birdhouse.
Directions are given for making them into
finger puppets.
Babies are born
2 lambs are stored in the Mama sheep pocket.
One lamb is a felt toy for play, and the
other lamb is for lacing.
Butterflies appear
A cute little butterfly puppet with netting wings
emerges from this cocoon pocket.

Grass turns green
Children can tie (or play around with!) the snowman's
yarn scarf. Then fold the page down to see the Spring
scene underneath....shown below.
Directions are given for making the butterflies
and flowers removable.
Dry bulbs bloom
Slide the tulips up the ribbon stems to see them grow.
Lift the "dirt" flap to see the bulbs in the ground.

Little eggs hatch
Lift the egg tops to see 2 little birds in the nest.
They are attached with elastic or can be removable.

Tiny miracles help us understand the greatest miracle
of all: When the stone was rolled away on
Easter day the tomb was empty...
(back cover: Jesus had risen!)
Pull the tab on the stone to "roll" it away from
the empty tomb

No time to embroider page titles???
Directions are given for a SIMPLE technique
for transferring titles to pages
WITHOUT embroidery!

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