Monday, January 26, 2015

Home For a Bunny

Here's something new which I have just added to my Etsy shop...
the PDF Pattern for ...
a simple, but darling QUIET BOOK featuring Cadbury the Bunny
Just in time for Easter!
This two page book is a cute CARROT COTTAGE
for a felt bunny. Open the book to discover
Cadbury’s kitchen and bedroom.... 

Cadbury can raid her refrigerator 
where she stocks removable) lettuce,a carrot and an apple.* 
Then she sits at her table to enjoy her snack. 
A little toadstool is the perfect perch for Little Mouse.

When it’s time for bed, Cadbury tucks Little Mouse
 into a spare Easter basket and then HOPS into her own bed.
Peek around her cottage and you will find 
Cadbury’s secret stash of carrots. 
There’s one under the kitchen table, 
another behind her pillow, 
and even one inside her night stand. 
(Little flaps are such fun to open and close!)

*Inside the fridge. This vinyl pocket is great since you
don't have to put velcro on the snacks.

This quiet book may be LITTLE but it is loaded with LindyJ Design WHIMSY!

* Little pompoms (a la bunny tails!) make cute door and fridge handles. 
* Carrots are growing in flower pots 
* A thread spool makes a cute lamp base. 
* The chair and bed headboard are rabbit ear-ish. 
* And don’t forget the fun ribbon carrot leaves along the binding!

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  1. This is the cutest little quiet book. I made this for each of my grandchildren for Easter this year and they loved it. I LOVE your designs and have bought several....and will buy more. LOL