Monday, November 3, 2014

My Felt ZOEY DOLL is now on ETSY!!!

So the reason it has taken so long to post the newest Max quiet book pics (A Home for Max) is because of this....

After 2013 Christmas I had the idea to make my Zoey paper doll into a 3D doll. 
From this:

To This:
Zoey is made from wool felt and measures 12" tall. 
She is the perfect size for little doll lovers. 
I purposely made all of her clothes EASY to put on. To me it is always kind of sad when little girls take their dolls to Mama or Grandma to dress. So the outfits all have felt bodices (which gives them some body/structure) that close with velcro. No tricky snaps or buttons!  
And with the exception of rompers, the backs of the outfits are totally open. 
And I was REALLY committed to making all of Zoey's clothes easy to sew. 
So there are  no facings or set-in sleeves. 
And tons of photos in the patterns help with the sewing process too. 

I just have to mention that my favorite part of the whole project was working with wool felt. 
It is absolutely heavenly! 
I go through too much felt when making quiet books and felt board sets and always use craft felt, but this was the perfect chance to use the GOOD STUFF!
And besides, if you are going to put time into doll clothes you want them to LAST for future generations of little doll-lovers! Which means using the best quality fabrics and felt.
So, to me, Zoey's outfits are Heirloom Quality...and the little embroidery details make them

Of course I got carried away with the outfits!!! Several months later I had 24 different ensembles grouped into 6 collections. That was the fun part. 

Here is what KEIRA is getting for Christmas 2014......

It took MONTHS to get all the patterns ready for Etsy. 
But they're now available and just in time for holiday gift giving. 

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  1. What a way to start the new year! Zoey was amazing as a paper doll, but she is even more wonderful as a 3D doll. You did an amazing job on that project, Linda! I'm sure business is blooming because of your creativity. More power to you! :)

    Andrea Hart @ LeetWeb, LLC