Friday, November 21, 2014

Say Cheese! and Hi! to Mozzarella!

I am so-loving my newest project....Sweet Wee Mozzarella and her 8-Outfit Wardrobe!

                                 And the pattern is available now in my Etsy shop!
                                                       Find it here at LindyJ Design

I wanted to make a little mouse doll and clothing that would fit in a little suitcase that I found at Target. I also wanted to design the simple clothing that I could make out of wool felt and sew by hand.

Mozzarella is 7 1/2" tall. She has an amazing (cat and) mouse-y wardrobe that is whimsical and fun to make. I especially enjoyed the little embroidery details on most of the pieces.

My brain leans toward THEMES, of course I had to dream up various ways to play up the whole cat-and-mouse idea. I love the:

1. "swiss cheese coat" with leggings! I cut circles out of the felt coat and backed it with fabric. This outfit was the perfect opportunity to use some PRINTED felt in my stash. The black/white houndstooth check was so fun to use for the collar and leggings.Here's the back:

2. I am still giggling over the "No Fear" Kitty Cat Dress. A felt cat wraps around the seam of the dress. A ball of yarn has unwound and the yarn drapes around the dress and ends up wrapped around the cat tail on the back of the dress. Cute!

3. I made a pocket in the romper for a sweet little mouse baby doll. And a pocket in Mozzarella's nightgown holds her bedtime snack- a nice wedge of cheese!

4. Of course there had to be an outfit for a "Wee Christmas Mouse." I made a simple little skirt with a candy-cane striped border, and added a festive jacket and a headband with a jingle bell.

5. This collection even has a Halloween costume! Mozzarella adores her mouse-idol Minnie Mouse and wears an adorable Minnie outfit....a felt dress with circle skirt, Minnie Mouse hat (which was interesting to draft the pattern for!) and little yellow Minnie shoes. This outfit was another chance to use the red/white polka dot printed FELT that I have been saving for awhile.

Here are a few more pics of the whole collection: You can see the cute suitcase in this photo.

(Keira is getting Motzie for her December birthday and I can't wait to give it to her.)

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