Tuesday, August 6, 2013

 New Designs from LindyJ!!!

I haven't posted in forever, but now there are tons of things to show. I've been crazy-busy creating new designs for my grandkids and etsy store. The creating is the fun part....it's making the patterns where I get so bogged down! 

As much as I adore making quiet books, it's the PLAYMATS i am the most excited about. They are printable pdfs....All you do is print the colored pages onto transfer paper and iron them onto Pellon stabilizer, and Cut.
 OR...Just print the pages onto cardstock!!!
 It's that easy.

 I've been making different sets for the little kids and have had a lot of fun playing along with them. I love to see what scenarios they come up with!

Here are a few pics of...
 Mouse House:

 This shows Mozzarella (Motzie for short) in her tea cup bath tub. You can see her towel on the toothbrush towel bar, as well has her walnut shell soap dish. Of course she has a rubber ducky! When she gets out of the tub she has a little towel with fishes on it to dry off with.


 Here is Motzie in one of her outfits hanging out in her living room. Her seed pod couch is really comfy! I love her fireplace mantel and her cute matchstick framed sampler. Love her wall art too...a cute seed packet. You can't see her drinking straw lamp.

 Motzie is baking up a storm in her kitchen! She is wearing a cute little apron with a wooden spoon in the pocket. The oven door opens so she can bake cupcakes! Her drinking straw pantry holds removable food faves.
          Motzie is all ready for bed- tucked into her comfy Mary Jane shoe.
 This is Mozarella's wardrobe: overalls, tutu, nightie with bunny slippers, apron, party dress and bath towel.
 Here is another shot of Motzie's kitchen. Note her measuring cup sink, tuna fish can table and walnut shell stool.

There are 6 rooms in Motzie's house: bedroom, bedroom closet with her wardrobe, bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room. You can see more details in my etsy shop here.

I've said it before but i have this thing for fairies. So i HAD to create a printable  
                                                     You can find the listing here. 
Here are a few pics:
This photo shows a few of the houses...pinecone and mushroom. The little doors open so you can hide little critters inside. I love the beehive and cute little bear, as well as the worm and apple condos! The "snack" garden has a few surprises....pull the stems and see what is growing. This is a magical fairy place so of course there could be cupcakes and ice cream cones growing in the garden! 

I really like the rainbow and the rainbow trees. And it is fun to hide different little critters in the hollow log. You can see part of the pond with the cute frog and duckie (in her swim ring!). I adore the little mouse floating around in the walnut shell boat.

 The lollipop forest is the perfect setting for the pea pod babies. These tiny baby fairies are removable and have little leaf blankets. Love the cute gopher! You can see the boy and girl fairies at the bottom of the pic.
               here's another look at the fairies and their little tree stump house....

   and here are the "snack's which are growing in the enchanted fairy garden!

The little kids wanted a dinosaur playmat. I had reservations about being able to draw it but here is what i came up with. I really like how it turned out and so did the kids!!

                                       DINO LAND

                                                                  see more here:
There are 13 dinosaurs in this play set, and you can see a few of them here. I love the blue one chomping a bone. All the scenery pieces make this set really fun. There are other creatures too. I actually did a little research to find out what other animals existed. What this means is that there are NO cave men in this set...ha!  

Some of the creatures like this pond! I like the dino babies. Some are even still in their shells. I had fun designing whimsical trees and foliage and I really like all the bright colors. Here are a few close-ups.

 I almost forgot to say that i found the perfect fleece at JoAnns to use for the dinosaur and also the fairy playmats. It is a tie-dye green fleece and is bright and soft and just wonderful for this playmat!


I was helping to take care of a new grandbaby last month when i had a brainstorm for a new quiet book. I envisioned a little "paper doll" made from felt with different play scenes and clothes for each scene. Kaitlyn, age 5, was totally on board with this project and helped me come up with some ideas:

 This is the bath scene with the tub and rubber ducky. The little doll is wearing the froggy hooded bath towel. I made the scenes in this quiet book very simple. And the clothing is simple-but adorable- too!

 The quilt for the bed folds down so the little doll can climb into bed. The pillow is removable. All the clothing and accessory pieces velcro to the facing pages of each scene. Love these jammies!
 This is the pool-fun page with a removable beach ball, hat and swim suit. I love the bright colors of this book. And the simple shapes are perfect for the little ones.
This photo shows the castle on the cover. The door is a pocket for holding the little doll. Here she is in her princess dress-up outift.

I have been wanting to do a TOUCH AND FEEL quiet book. I haven't seen anything "out there" i really liked and so I decided to design my own. The textures are fabulous! I had a ball selecting the fabrics for each color in this book.

Of course i can't ever do anything simply, and so i came up with the idea to have one removable piece on each page. The removable piece is the same color as the animal so the child can practice color-matching. All the removable pieces can be stored in the rainbow barn pocket on the front cover.


 RED HEN is cut from terry cloth. Her wing is removable. Oh, i forgot to mention that i hid a little ladybug button on every page. Some of the pieces aren't entirely stitched to the page, like the wing and beak and comb. The ladybug on this page is behind the comb.

 I love this BROWN COW cut from corduroy. The large spot is the removable piece.
 I had a hard time deciding what to use for the YELLOW DUCK because there were several options. But I ended up using craft fur and it is really fun.
 Burlap comes in great colors these days and the texture is wonderful. I had to include it in the book. PINK PIG has a curly chenille stem tail and a removable snout.

 There's one more quiet book to describe and it is a favorite. It's called 
I wanted to showcase some of my favorite nursery rhymes along with the text. I came up with the idea to sew little vinyl pockets to the book pages and insert the rhymes cut from cardstock.
 It works great!
This page is for "1, 2, Buckle my shoe."  The straps can actually be buckled. The child can also look in the grass for the ladybug and lift the bandaid to see the owie.
 This cute pail holds a bunch of fish for stringing. This goes with the rhyme "1,2,3,4,5 I caught a fish alive..."

This favorite page features Little Bo Peep. The wheel turns so the child can make the sheep appear and disappear. Her hand covers her mouth when she is upset about losing them. Move it aside to show her relief!

Here is little miss Curly Locks. Her head is a pocket for holding cute barrettes and hair clips. It's so fun to decorate her curly pigtails!!!

I can't keep up with my ideas!!!! If i didn't have to make patterns i could really churn out the designs....LOL! But it is Fun to Share so i plan to keep at it for now. Thanks for looking!

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