Friday, April 19, 2013

                        Where's Max?
        I had so much fun designing and making my newest quiet book.
It features a little puppy called Max who hides on every page of the book.

I had our little Brayden in mind, so I wanted things that he would be familiar a tub, a bed, toy shelves etc. I turned these things into hiding places- so there are lots of pockets and flaps where Max can be tucked away.

Here's Max inside the kitchen cabinet, hiding in one of Mom's pots. The small pot is a flap and hides his bone. Love the little ring details on the handles!

I finally finished the pattern...which takes as much time to make as the book itself! Glad it's done, because now I can share it via Etsy. Here it is:  Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Lindy,
    Thank you for your answer, I would like to purchase a few books from your collection. I have twin grandchildren who turned 1 last week, Jemima and Nathaniel so would like to make them a book each and for Jemima's to be really girlie and pretty could you suggest the best books from your collections for her. I will send another sms re Nathaniel.