Saturday, April 20, 2013

              Kaitlyn's Fairy Quiet Book
A few weeks ago I shared Keira's Fairy Quiet Book.
(Scroll down to April 3rd) 
Now that "Where's Max" is finally done and listed here
I am finally getting around to posting the pics of Kaitlyn's book. 

The cover is similar to the other book. The flower pocket
is a little home for Fiona. This pic shows what she looks
like before she gets dressed. I love these fabrics!
In fact choosing the fabrics was one of the funnest 
parts of this project!   
The inspiration for both books came from this marvelous blog 

This is Fiona's outdoor closet! Inspiration for this page came from here.

I love the giant flowers and the glittery foam leaves. 
The rest of her wardrobe is tucked into the grass pockets.

This photo shows Fiona's other cute little dresses. 
They attach to the velcro on her body. 

This little mushroom home is a pocket for a cute little bunny. 
The dots on the roof are removable. And as in the other book,
Fiona can fly to each page and attach to the wings shown above.
The bunny is lightly stuffed and the lady bug is sewn to the doorway. 
Fiona and Karina both love to collect shiny gold objects and there is
one hidden on each page. Do you see the tiny key inside the door?

This page was also inspired by the same designer as noted above.
I cut flowers out of printed fabric and attached them to felt. 
They can be rearranged to make different designs on Fiona's party wings.

 This little tree stump house is so cute. I love the windows made with
clear vinyl. And the die cut vines of glittery craft foam really pop on 
this page. Here's who lives in this neck of the woods....
This bear family is so cute. Love mama's apron and baby's bib. 
I also love the honey pot in the doorway with the dripping 
glittered gold craft foam honey! 
I wish I had taken a photo with the lid showing.
I lifted it for this shot to show the tiny gold bear charm. 
Isn't that bee fabric perfect for the door?

This is the pond in the fairy forest and features a zippered frog
prince. His tongue stretches to catch the cute button flies. 
The bush is a pocket for various pond critters and the lily pad
is a flap to hide other friends. Pull the fish string and look
what happens....

 Yikes! I hope the girls don't freak over these fish-eating-fish! 
The crown is a removable hat and Fiona can wear it on the next page.
The opposite page is a continuation of the pond...

The spinning fish are really fun to play with! Fiona can land 
on the sparkly wings. And in the next pic you can see more 
of what is hiding here....
Thanks for looking! 

Stay tuned....I'm getting close 
to publishing my next quiet book:
"Once Upon a Time...

Favorite Fairy Tales."


  1. Do you offer the patterns for your 2 fairy books you made??? I am in LOVE with them but i didnt see them in your etsy shop

  2. I would love to buy this pattern but cannot find it.....please let me know where to go for it.

  3. Beyond adorable!! Beautiful work!