Thursday, November 21, 2013

I had a ball designing this quiet book
and love how it turned out!

It features 8 little kids who are busy
with all sorts of holiday activities.
They each have 
3 interchangeable clothing pieces
which makes for LOTS of
CREATIVE outfit possibilities!

The Nativity Pageant
Cute Little Shepherd in Dad's robe.

Love this little Singer's pleated skirt and cowboy boots!

School Play
Cute little his hat with ears and his shoes a la jingle bells!

Skating Party
Little Skater with her beautifully trimmed outfit.

Choosing the Tree
Little Lumberjack is ready to find the perfect tree!

Baking Cookies
Mommy's little Baker loves Gingerbread Boys best!

Snow Day!
This photo needs to be labeled "Gotta Go!"
Love his monster boots!

Christmas Eve
Little Pajama Girl has the fluffiest Christmas slippers
and love her stocking cap!

Find the pattern here at
LindyJ Design at Etsy
thanks for looking!


  1. SO CUTE!!! You've really outdone yourself with this one.

  2. Linda, got a couple of questions for ya. It seems that you are able to use fabric prints with raw edges. If so how do you do that without them fraying? I'd love to get more fun prints in my quiet books, felt square options can get a little old after a while. Also how do you get those cute rosie cheeks on? Your style is so adorable!