Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Newest Quiet Book .PDF Pattern is done!
                     Once Upon a Time
                              6 favorite fairy tales with interactive play on each page.
              Also, each page has a pull-out tag with a familiar excerpt from each story. 
                  Available for immediate download in my store!
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                             here are a few pages: 
               This is the emperor. Lift the flap to see him in his undies!
       Pull Cinderella from her beautiful carriage. I love the yoyo wheels.
 The gingerbread man is done baking. Put your fingers through the holes and help him run away!

                         Here is Rapunzel in her tower with her long braid. The background fabric is a pocket for storing hair clips for decorating her braid. I don't love quiet book pages that feature braiding activities, and this seems like a better activity for the little ones.

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